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Connection cables with extended temperature range acc. to UL

FEP cables are used for example in news technologies if high demands for resistance against chemicals and solvents must be fulfilled. Compared to ETFE, FEP has a slightly better resistance. Further advantages are the excellent temperature resistance and flexibility at cold temperatures as well as the good electrical insulating characteristics with low, nearly frequency-independent dielectric characteristics.  Applications in high-frequency and broad-band techniques, coaxial and microwave techniques, high information velocity with exact information transmission at the same time, chemical industry, furnace construction, brick works, heating appliances.

FEP-connection cable with extended temeprature range, coloured cores and overall copper screen and alu foli wrapping +180°C
FEP-connection cable with extended temperature range coloured cores and electrostatic screen, +180°C
FEP-connection cable with extended temperature range coloured cores, +180°C