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Construction Types - Plastics Processing Industry

In the following overview we would like to give you a survey of different construction types of thermocouples for plastics processing industry that are often used. If you don´t find an appropriate temperature sensor for your special application please get in contact with our experts. As a leading manufacturer of thermocouples, we are able to design and to produce a special thermometer that meet your special requirements.

Hot runner mineral insulated thermocouple
Thermocouple with stainless steel sleeve
Ring thermocouple
Molten mass thermocouple
Angle thermocouple
Angle screwed thermocouple
Bayonet thermocouple
Plug-in thermocouple
Angle thermocouple
Pipe-clamp thermocouple
Surface thermocouple
Molten mass temperature probe
Molten mass temperature probe
Angle resistance thermometer
Plug-in resistance thermometer
Bayonet resistance thermometer