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Temperature Measurement for High Voltage Components

In the following overview we would like to give you a survey of different construction types of thermocouples for hv components that are often used. If you don´t find an appropriate high voltage probe for your special application please get in contact with our experts. As a leading manufacturer of thermocouples, we are able to design and to produce a special hv probe that meet your special requirements.

item no. T141-054-143 (2 m extension)
item no. L3801-9192 / item no. L3801-9196
2, 4, 6 and 8 channels in 4-wire circuit Reduced outer diameter and flat PT100 chip resistances for a comfortable installation
item no. T641-058-117 (3 m extension)
HV measuring cable with increased contact protection
1-channel with Redel-plug
1-channel with laboratory plug
for HV Sensors
Besilen® insulated copper rope with overall copper screen
Silicone (Besilen®) insulated strands