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SAB has educated Germany’s best Cable-Maker again!

When Max Eske got the invitation to come to Berlin together with his trainer Achim Harmes for the decoration of the best trainee on federal level, he was very proud and excited. At last on 14th December 2015 he should be honoured together with 230 best trainees by the DIHK – “Dachorganisation aller IHKs” (parent organisation of all chambers of commerce) for their excellent exams supported by the DIHK president Prof. Dr. Eric Schweizer, the national minister of justice Heiko Maas and the presenter Barbara Schöneberg (popular moderator in Germany). The reason for this decoration was that no other graduate as cable manufacturing mechanic on federal level reached the total result of 100%.

This meant: Max was the best!

But how is it possible for a medium-sized cable specialist from Süchteln to present the best trainee several times? The answer of the trainer Achim Harmes sounds rather simple: “ The permanent success can only be reached by a continually improved apprenticeship – that´s what we have done during the last years. This is also shown by the fact that the other trainees also have best marks. Altogether the SAB-trainees have reached superior results. Already in the past SAB based the company´s success on a solid instruction and training of its competent staff members.

While doing the exam he met Hannelore Kraft, prime minister of North-Rhine Westphalia. Mrs. Kraft praised SAB’s engagement in traineeship in time of demographic change.

We are going to optimise our training concept continuously in order to ensure that we will also in future belong to the best apprenticing companies. It is our aim to develop and produce first class products “Made in Germany” – this is only possible with the best, so Peter Bröckskes, C.E.O. of the company.

He is also very glad that all trainees could be employed on a permanent basis. In August 2015 eleven new trainees have been appointed in Viersen and thus the prospects of the best of tomorrow have been laid. The expectations on the new trainees are high. Achim Harmes, nevertheless, is sure that the SAB concept of training will prove itself.