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S IBL 605

PUR Interbus-Loop cable for cable tracks

Marking for S IBL 605 06052853: SAB BRÖCKSKES · D-VIERSEN · S IBL 605 2 x 1,5 mm² CE

Marking for S IBL 605 06052853: SAB BRÖCKSKES · D-VIERSEN · S IBL 605 2 x 1,5 mm² CE


S IBL 605 is a PUR Interbus-Loop cable for cable tracks. It is suitable for extreme environmental conditions. This two-conductor Interbus-Loop cable is to be applied as a data transmission cable as well as for the supply of sensors. The three-conductor Interbus-Loop cables is applied for supply of actuators. These cables are also suitable for Interbus-Loop 2.

Outstanding features

  • EAC approval

Cable construction


bare copper strands with reference to

IEC 60228, EN 60228, VDE 0295, class 6



Colour code

coloured acc. to HD 308 (VDE 0293 part 308);

green-yellow earth wire from 3 cores


specially adjusted layering with netting tape and one additional non-woven tape

over the outer layer

Sheath material

PUR, TMPU acc. to DIN VDE 0282 part 10 with rough surface

Sheath colour

redlilac (RAL 4001)

Technical data

Peak operating voltage

max. 350 V

Testing voltage

1000 V

Min. bending radius

15 x d

Characteristic impedance

at 250 MHz - 10 MHz: for 2-core cables 75Ω +/- 15%

Absence of harmful substances

acc. to RoHS directive of the European Union

Temperature range

fixed laying: -50/+90°C

flexible application: -40/+90°C

Radiation resistance

5 x 10^7 cJ/kg


acc. to DIN VDE 0472 part 815 + IEC 60754-1

Corrosiveness of conflagration gases

in compliance with IEC 60754-2 and EN 50267-2-2 + VDE 0482 part 267-2-2

- no development of corrosive conflagration gases

Oil resistance

very good - TMPU acc. to DIN VDE 0282 part 10


very good

Chem. resistance

good against acids, alkalines, solvents, hydraulic liquids, etc.

Application in cable tracks


Weather resistance

very good

Continuosly flexible application

very good


item no.outer-ø ± 5%copper figurecable weight ca.
060528532 x 1,50 mm²7,7 mm28,8 kg/km75 kg/km
060538533 x 1,50 mm²8,1 mm43,2 kg/km90 kg/km