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TA 864 E

ETFE- connection cable with extended temperature range, +135°C


TA 864 E is an ETFE conncetion cable with extended temperature range and high resistance against chemicals and solvents + 135 °C. This chemical resistant cable is recommended for use in high-frequency and broad-band techniques, coaxial and microwave techniques, high information velocity with exact information transmission at the same time, chemical industry, furnace construction, brick works, and heating applicances.

Outstanding features

  • high resistance against chemicals and solvents
  • low and high temperature resistance
  • good electrical insulating characteristics with low, nearly frequency-independent dielectric characteristics

Cable construction


tinned copper strands acc. to

IEC 60228, VDE 0295, class 5


TFE, 7YI1 acc. to VDE 0207-6

Colour code

coloured acc. to HD 308 (VDE 0293-308),

green-yellow earth wire from 3 cores,

up to 6 cores black cores with consecutive

numbers acc. to EN 50334 + VDE 0293-334

and a green-yellow earth wire


in layers

Sheath material

ETFE, 7YM1 acc. to VDE 0207-6

Sheath colour

black (RAL 9005)

Technical data

Nominal voltage

Uo/U 300/500 V

Testing voltage

core/core 2000 V

Min. bending radius

7,5 x d

Radiation resistance

2 x 10^8 cJ/kg

Temperature range

fixed laying: -55/+135°C

flexible application: -55/+135°C

Fire performance

flame retardant and self-extinguishing acc. to

IEC 60332-1-2 + VDE 0482-332-1-2

Chem. resistance

very good against acids, halogens, bases, chlorinated solvents as well as organic and inorganic compounds

Absence of harmful substances

acc. to RoHS directive of the European Union


item no.largest single wire-ømax. outer-øcopper figurecable weight ca.
386402052 x 0,50 mm²0,21 mm3,8 mm9,6 kg/km18 kg/km
386402072 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm4,6 mm14,4 kg/km26 kg/km
386402102 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm4,8 mm19,2 kg/km31 kg/km
386402152 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm5,4 mm28,8 kg/km41 kg/km
386402252 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm6,6 mm48 kg/km64 kg/km
386402402 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm8,1 mm76,8 kg/km99 kg/km
386402602 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm9,2 mm115,2 kg/km138 kg/km
386403053 x 0,50 mm²0,21 mm4,2 mm14,4 kg/km26 kg/km
386403073 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm4,9 mm21,6 kg/km36 kg/km
386403103 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm5,1 mm28,8 kg/km43 kg/km
386403153 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm5,8 mm43,2 kg/km57 kg/km
386403253 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm7 mm72 kg/km90 kg/km
386403403 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm8,7 mm115,2 kg/km141 kg/km
386403603 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm9,8 mm172,8 kg/km198 kg/km
386404054 x 0,50 mm²0,21 mm4,6 mm19,2 kg/km33 kg/km
386404074 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm5,5 mm28,8 kg/km47 kg/km
386404104 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm5,7 mm38,4 kg/km57 kg/km
386404154 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm6,4 mm57,6 kg/km74 kg/km
386404254 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm7,8 mm96 kg/km119 kg/km
386404404 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm9,6 mm153,6 kg/km184 kg/km
386404604 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm10,9 mm230,4 kg/km259 kg/km
386405055 x 0,50 mm²0,21 mm5,1 mm24 kg/km43 kg/km
386405075 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm6 mm36 kg/km60 kg/km
386405105 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm6,3 mm48 kg/km72 kg/km
386405155 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm7,1 mm72 kg/km94 kg/km
386405255 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm8,7 mm120 kg/km151 kg/km
386405405 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm10,7 mm192 kg/km234 kg/km
386405605 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm12,1 mm288 kg/km331 kg/km
386407057 x 0,50 mm²0,21 mm5,7 mm33,6 kg/km56 kg/km
386407077 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm6,7 mm50,4 kg/km78 kg/km
386407107 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm7 mm67,2 kg/km94 kg/km
386407157 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm7,8 mm100,8 kg/km125 kg/km
386407257 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm9,7 mm168 kg/km202 kg/km
386407407 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm12 mm268,8 kg/km318 kg/km
386407607 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm13,6 mm403,2 kg/km449 kg/km
3864120512 x 0,50 mm²0,21 mm7,6 mm57,6 kg/km94 kg/km
3864120712 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm9 mm86,4 kg/km131 kg/km
3864121012 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm9,4 mm115,2 kg/km158 kg/km
3864121512 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm10,5 mm172,8 kg/km211 kg/km
3864122512 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm13,1 mm288 kg/km342 kg/km