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TD 800 E

ETFE data cable with extended temperature range, +135°C


TD 800 E is an ETFE data cable with good electrical insulating characteristics and extended temperature range + 135°C. This wire is recommended for use in high-frequency and broad-band techniques, coaxial and microwave techniques, high information velocity with exact information transmission at the same time, chemical industry, furnace construction, brick works, and heating applicances.

Outstanding features

  • high resistance against chemicals and solvents
  • low and high temperature resistance
  • good electrical insulating characteristics with low, nearly frequency-independent dielectric characteristics

Cable construction


tinned copper strands acc. to ASTM B 286


ETFE, 7YI1 acc. to VDE 0207-6

Colour code

with reference to DIN 47100


in layers

Sheath material

ETFE, 7YM1 acc. to VDE 0207-6

Sheath colour

white (RAL 1013)

Technical data

Peak operating voltage

max. 375 V

Testing voltage

core/core 1500 V

Min. bending radius

7,5 x d

Radiation resistance

2 x 10^8 cJ/kg

Temperature range

fixed laying: -90/+135°C

flexible application: -55/+135°C

limited time of use: +150°C

Fire performance

flame retardant and self-extinguishing acc. to IEC 60332-1-2 + VDE 0482-332-1-2

Chem. resistance

very good against acids, halogens, bases, chlorinated solvents as well as organic and inorganic compounds – FEP has a slightly better resistance than ETFE

Absence of harmful substances

acc. to RoHS directive of the European Union


item no.dimensionnominal single wire-ømax. outer-øcopper figurecable weight ca.
380002282 x AWG 28/70,127 mm2,1 mm1,7 kg/km5,4 kg/km
380002262 x AWG 26/70,16 mm2,3 mm2,7 kg/km6,8 kg/km
380002242 x AWG 24/70,203 mm2,65 mm4,4 kg/km9,1 kg/km
380002222 x AWG 22/70,254 mm2,95 mm6,9 kg/km12 kg/km
380002202 x AWG 20/70,32 mm3,4 mm10,8 kg/km17 kg/km
380003283 x AWG 28/70,127 mm2,2 mm2,6 kg/km6,9 kg/km
380003263 x AWG 26/70,16 mm2,5 mm4 kg/km9 kg/km
380003243 x AWG 24/70,203 mm2,75 mm6,6 kg/km12 kg/km
380003223 x AWG 22/70,254 mm3,1 mm10,4 kg/km17 kg/km
380003203 x AWG 20/70,32 mm3,55 mm16,1 kg/km24 kg/km
380004284 x AWG 28/70,127 mm2,45 mm3,5 kg/km8,5 kg/km
380004264 x AWG 26/70,16 mm2,7 mm5,4 kg/km11 kg/km
380004244 x AWG 24/70,203 mm3 mm8,8 kg/km15 kg/km
380004224 x AWG 22/70,254 mm3,4 mm13,8 kg/km21 kg/km
380004204 x AWG 20/70,32 mm3,9 mm21,5 kg/km30 kg/km
380005285 x AWG 28/70,127 mm2,65 mm4,3 kg/km11 kg/km
380005265 x AWG 26/70,16 mm2,95 mm6,7 kg/km14 kg/km
380005245 x AWG 24/70,203 mm3,35 mm11 kg/km20 kg/km
380005225 x AWG 22/70,254 mm3,75 mm17,3 kg/km27 kg/km
380005205 x AWG 20/70,32 mm4,45 mm26,9 kg/km40 kg/km
380007287 x AWG 28/70,127 mm2,9 mm6 kg/km13 kg/km
380007267 x AWG 26/70,16 mm3,2 mm9,4 kg/km18 kg/km
380007247 x AWG 24/70,203 mm3,6 mm15,5 kg/km25 kg/km
380007227 x AWG 22/70,254 mm4,15 mm24,2 kg/km36 kg/km
380007207 x AWG 20/70,32 mm4,8 mm37,6 kg/km52 kg/km
3800102810 x AWG 28/70,127 mm3,65 mm8,6 kg/km18 kg/km
3800102610 x AWG 26/70,16 mm4,15 mm13,4 kg/km26 kg/km
3800102410 x AWG 24/70,203 mm4,7 mm22,1 kg/km36 kg/km
3800102210 x AWG 22/70,254 mm5,45 mm34,6 kg/km52 kg/km
3800102010 x AWG 20/70,32 mm6,25 mm53,8 kg/km74 kg/km
3800122812 x AWG 28/70,127 mm3,75 mm10,4 kg/km21 kg/km
3800122612 x AWG 26/70,16 mm4,25 mm16,1 kg/km30 kg/km
3800122412 x AWG 24/70,203 mm4,85 mm26,5 kg/km42 kg/km
3800122212 x AWG 22/70,254 mm5,6 mm41,5 kg/km60 kg/km
3800122012 x AWG 20/70,32 mm6,5 mm64,5 kg/km87 kg/km