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Dip stick resistance thermometer

Dip stick resistance thermometer

Dip stick resistance thermometer


This Pt100 temperature sensor is especially appropriate to collect the temperature in engine oil. The dipstick can easily be inserted instead of the normal oil dipstick. The adjustable fixing tightens the opening so that during operation the oil cannot penetrate. With the help of the fixing, the immersion length of the dipstick can be modified. An additional advantage of the spiral cable is that the element can be put into the required position in case of use and afterwards the cable contracts again like a spring.

Outstanding features

▶ due to the adjustable immersion depth, it can be applied for the most different engine types!
▶ different tightening-Ø possible on request!

Additional information

With a 2-wire circuit only one class accuracy class B accuracy can be confirmed.



■ 1 x PT100

■ 2 x PT100

Limiting deviation

■ class A     ■ -30°C / +300°C     ■ -100°C / +450°C

■ class B     ■ -50°C / +500°C     ■ -196°C / +600°C

Connection types of inner wire

■ 2-wire circuit

■ 3-wire circuit

■ 4-wire circuit

Nominal length

■ specify in mm - acc. to customer’s request

Fixing adjustable

■ for tightening-Ø 8 mm

■ for tightening-Ø mm - acc. to customer’s request

Connection ends

■ bare ends

■ cable lugs M4

■ other cable ends - acc. to customer’s request

Possible on request

■ with batch certificate and identification

Connection cable

■ RTD cable (FEP / FEP)

■ other connection cables - on request (see technical data)

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