Acting Responsibly

Acting Responsibly
For us, responsible action is not based exclusively on laws and regulations, but also on the conscientiousness of the individual and the standards that are defined in these guidelines.

Avoidance of Conflicts of Interest
At SAB, business decisions are taken exclusively in the best interests of the company. Conflicts of interest involving private matters or various economic or other activities, also involving family members or other closely associated individuals or organisations, should be avoided from the outset. If they nevertheless occur, they should be resolved in accordance with law and order and the applicable corporate guidelines. The prerequisite for this is the transparent disclosure of the conflict.

Customer Relationships
We take care of our customers over the long term. We secure their loyalty by earning their confidence in us. We attempt to anticipate what our customers need – before they ask for it. We do everything possible to offer our customers the best service. We treat everyone fairly and with the same degree of respect and courtesy, regardless of the volume of business.

Correct Market Conduct
We outmatch our competitors through superior performance, not through the use of unfair or dishonest practices. We do not distort or conceal the facts or truth. Nor do we use any information to which we are not entitled to gain an unfair advantage over our competitors. We act fairly, honestly and in good faith towards everyone with whom we are involved: customers, business partners, competitors, suppliers, the public and colleagues.

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