The right corporate culture

Employee Culture
We at SAB BRÖCKSKES consider our employees to be the most important factor in the success of our company. Only through the application of professional and social skills, as well as the creativity and energy of all employees, can we achieve the highest common aim of customer satisfaction and the retention of jobs over the long term. This is why the motivation of our employees is our declared corporate philosophy. In addition to payment above the legal minimum wage, this naturally includes compliance with working hours and acceptance of freedom of assembly. We reject forced and slave labour as well as child labour in any form.

Equal Treatment and Equal Opportunities
A culture of equal opportunities, mutual trust and mutual respect is of major significance to us. We promote equal opportunities and prevent discrimination when recruiting employees and promoting or granting education and training measures. We treat all employees equally, regardless of their sex, age, skin colour, culture, ethnical origin, sexual orientation, any disability, religious affiliation or world view. Discrimination, bullying and harassment are not tolerated by us. Should such cases nevertheless occur, we encourage each other to speak about them.

Dealing with Customers and Suppliers
The relationships with our customers and suppliers are based on mutual respect, fairness and trust. We always strive for a reliable long-term relationship and therefore always maintain fair and open communication in our dealings and expect the same from our business partners. We pursue clean and recognised business practices and fair competition.

We would like to convince our customers with a flawless performance at all times. We therefore focus on all levels on the highest quality standards. To this end we introduced a quality management system according to DIN EN ISO 9001 in 1996. This enables us to repeatedly find measurable parameters for the identification of potential improvements, derive appropriate measures and assess their effectiveness. In this way we want to achieve the highest aim, namely the sustainable satisfaction of our customers.

Occupational Health and Safety
In addition to the quality of our products and economic success, the health and safety of our employees are a corporate goal which is of equal importance. Occupational health and safety are an integral part of all business operations and are integrated from the very beginning – even in the planning phase – in our technical, economic and social considerations.

Each of our employees promotes health and safety in their working environment and adheres to the rules on health and safety at work. Every manager is obliged to instruct and support their employees in assuming this responsibility.

We comply with the statutory health and safety regulations and protect our employees from risks when carrying out their work. In order to systematically implement these occupational health and safety requirements, we introduced an occupational health and safety management system according to OHSAS 18001 in 2009.

We also expect our suppliers to fulfil the applicable occupational safety regulations.

We think across various divisions and countries and see our company as a unit. It is especially important for us to listen, openly discuss topics, actively obtain different opinions and search for solutions together. The best solution is created by exchanging different points of view. We criticise objectively and not personally.

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