UL certified cable assemblies | UL Standard Wiring Harness

Complete solution – from the manufacturing of the cable to the UL approved cable harness


For more than 75 years SAB Bröckskes delivers special and harnessed cables to national and international industries.The advantage for the industry of such complete solutions is not only that we develop and produce special cables according to customer´s requirements but also the delivery of the pre-harnessed cable to the immediate connection at the final place of installation.

SAB Bröckskes has completed its range of harnessed cables with the certification acc. to UL Standard Wiring Harness “category ZPFW2 (UL)” and “ZPFW8 (Canada)" and herewith strengthens its position as cable specialist for cable assemblies acc. to customer´s specification.

Assembled cables and wires for the American market

Whenever harnessed cables are produced as component part of a final product for the North American and Canadian market, an UL certified cable harness is necessary. With the UL certification SAB ensures the detailed traceability of individual components as for example cables, plugs or sleeves and offers highest planning reliability also with special harnessing products. 

UL tests | Wiring Harness Label

Underwriter Laboratories Inc. (UL), an independent American test and certification authority confirms the use of the materials and documents required by the final customer according to the UL certification for “Wiring Harness” acc. to ZPFW2 and ZPFW8. In the manufacturer’s data base (www.ul.com ) SAB is listed under file no. E473226 as a qualified and reliable manufacturer. 

The requirements for UL certified cable harness are controlled by external audits every three months in order to guarantee the high requirements of the UL standards. Besides our cables, also harnessed versions, are tested in our own laboratory with regard to safety and reliability and are marked with the „Wiring Harness Label“

Customized Cable Assembly

On request SAB is able to manufacture cable harnessing products acc. to customer’s specification acc. to UL Wiring Harnesses ZPFW2 and ZPFW8 from the cable to the harness and offers broad advice. Contact us directly!

You can view the UL certificate "Wiring Harness Label" from SAB Bröckskes here: UL certificate cable assembly.

Customized cable assembly according to your wishes.

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