Harnessed USB 3.0 Cables

The advantages of the USB 3.0 technology compared with USB 2.0 with regard to the data rate up to 5 Gigabit/s lead to an increased demand for this transmission type.

Especially with regard to real time data brilliant displays can be realized. Furthermore, there is a universally usable interface via USB plug. This allows to develop units and applications that can be connected to nearly all terminals due to the widespread and standardized interfaces. 

In order to guarantee a noiseless transmission for the most different applications from handheld motion to high velocity and acceleration of an axial robot unit, the choice of materials and production processes have to match perfectly. Therefore, we consider an accurate fit and transmission reliability of the required connectors besides the cable symmetry and signal integrity. 

It is our aim to develop a complete and reliable “plug and play” solution. 

Product overview – Harnessed USB 3.0 Cables

Customized cable assembly according to your wishes.

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