Silicone Cables with the Insulation & Sheathing Material Besilen®

Besilen® - Elastomere on a silicone caoutchouc base

Besilen® is a registered trademark of SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co KG. It is a specially developed Silicone rubber-based material with good electrical characteristics and heat resistance. In addition to our standard Besilen® product range, we also produce specialised products that meet requirements such as:

Types of Silicone Cables:

    • notch resistance for better mechanical strength
    • hígher temperature resistance + 250 °C
    • Besilen® - mixture compatible for the food industry
    • conductive Besilen® for antistatic conductance


    Mechanical characteristics of silicon cables

    Vulcanised Besilen®, produced with a 50-60 A shore hardness is particularly elastic with excellent mechanical strength. A further interesting characteristic of Besilen® is that it does not stick to adhesive surfaces.

    Silicone cables are:

    • non-adhesive
    • hydrophobic

    If Besilen® cables are used in tube systems it is important that these are ventilated and open, otherwise the mechanical strength of Besilen® will be reduced.

    Chemical characteristics of silicone cables

    The chemical composition of Besilen®, which deviates from standard rubber types, gives our product several outstanding characteristics including for example:

    • outstanding hot air resistance
    • extreme flexibility at low temperatures (down to -40°C)
    • resistant to decompostion from substances such as alcohol and high molecular oils, plant and animal fats, dilutes acids, softeners, chlophen, alkalis and salt solutions
    • oxygen resistant
    • ozone-proof
    • halogen-free
    • weather resistant

    Electrical characteristics of silicone cables

    The electrical characteristics of Besilen® even at room temperature lie alongside the best known elastic insulation materials. Because of its heat resistance, Besilen® insulated cables and wires can withstand approx. 50% more elec­tric pressure under continuous use than regular rubber insulation. This allows weight and room-saving cable con­struction. An outstanding safety feature of Besilen® insulation is the insulating layer of silicic acid (SiO2) during fire.

    Dielectric constant:   approx. 3,2 (bei 800 Hz)
    Specific volume resistance:  min. 1012Ω x cm
    Breakdown voltage:  20 kV/mm

    Current-carrying capacity (Iz) of cables with increased heat resistance in ambient temperatures above 50 °C

    Ambient temperature up to °C150155160165170175
    Current-carrying capacity (Iz) of the values in below-shown table100%91%82%71%58%41%

    Besilen® insulated cables can be charged acc. to VDE 0298 T4 06/13 as shown in the table:

    Exemplary applications of Besilen® cables

    For railway engineering, measuring and control engineering, metallurgical, steel, power and rolling mills, lamp and luminaire industry, cement, glass and ceramics processing, heating, refrigeration and air conditioning, saunas, foundries, plastic processing, heaters, coke plants, thermal and process engineering, engine construction, dedusting systems and ventilators, system heat engineering, wood and paper processing industry, electrical industry, drive technology, switchgear and distributors, textile machine construction, ...

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