Silicone Cables & Wires

Silicone cables (Besilen®) are characterized by their high temperature resistance up to +250°C combined with permanent flexibility. Due to the cross-linked molecular structure, silicone cables remain in their original shape even when exposed to temperature.

Silicone cables are halogen-free on silicium basis with which the maintenance of function in case of fire can be reached. Heat-resistant silicone cables are used, for example, in metallurgical plants steel mills and rolling mills, for the internal wiring of lights or in glass and ceramics processing.

In this overview you can see a selection of different types of highly flexible silicone cables that are often used in industrial applications.

Of course, we will advise you to find the optimal silicone cable for your application. Please contact us directly. With more than 75 years of experience in the production of temperature-resistant silicone cables, we will develop and manufacture a cable for you that is optimized exactly according to your technical specifications.

Highly flexible cables according to your special requirements

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