Terms from the world of cables

Here you will find an overview of relevant terms from the world of cables and wires. 
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Bending radius and minimum bending radius

What is meant by bending radius and minimum bending radius?

EX area

What does the term EX area stand for?


Which cables are designated as FRNC, LSHF, LS0H / LSZH?


What are halogens and where are they used?


What does halogen-free mean and what properties do halogen-free cables have?

Calorific value

What does the calorific value indicate and what guide values are given?

Corrosiveness of conflagration gases

What should you know about the corrosiveness of conflagration gases?

Smoke density

What is the smoke density?


What does screening mean and what are the advantages and disadvantages of different types of screening?


What voltage specifications are used when using the cables?

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