What is a halogen free cable?

Halogen free cables & wires with the insulation & sheath material SABIX®

SABIX® - thermoplastic material on a polyolefine base

This material has several outstanding characteristics. As registered trademark of SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co. KG, SABIX® combines progressive cable technology with highest security for the user. When used properly, there is no health risk associated with SABIX®. SABIX® products are completely recyclable and can be reused after decomposition.  
Standard halogen-free cables offer a large degree of safety to humans, nature, buildings and machinery, but do have a large disadvantage - they are often too unflexible to compete with PVC in all applications. This is not the case with SABIX®. Halogen-free cables with SABIX® materials have significant technical advantages compared with PVC.


Advantages of halogen fee SABIX® Cables

The outstanding characteristics of halogen free cables from SAB depending on the material modifications are:

  • oil resistance acc. to VDE + EN
  • flexible at low temperatures up to -40°C
  • heat resistant up to +90°C
  • suitable for outdoor application, extremly flexible
  • very good capacitance values
  • increased abrasion resistance
  • fully recyclable
  • low smoke density acc. to VDE, IEC, BS + EN
  • flame retardant and self-extinguishing acc. to VDE, IEC + EN
  • halogen-free acc. to VDE + IEC
  • UL/ CSA

Applications of halogen free cables & wires


Halogen free SABIX® single conductors, wiring- and conductor cables:

Halogen free single conductors are often used in control cabinets, devices for communication technology, domestic appliances, generators, transformers and machine tools, railway technology,


Halogen free SABIX® control and connection cables:

Halogen free control cables are often used in the automation technology, automotive industry, mechanical engineering, railway engineering, conveyor technology, industrial plant construction, steel and iron industry, refrigeration and air conditioning, autowash roads, truck lifting platforms, supply line between frequency converter and servomotor, ...


Halogen free SABIX® data cables:

Halogen free data cables are often used in the communication technology, electronics for data processing systems, weighing devices, office machines, for increased transmission and crosstalk requirements, ... C Rail: Single wires, control and data cables for the internal wiring of rail vehicles according to DIN 45545-2, ...


Halogen free SABIX® cables for shipbuilding:

Data cable, Control cable, Power cables, for flexible laying under deck, as well as the protected installation on deck of ships without permanent contact with oils and fuels.


Halogen free SABIX® Ultra

SABIX® Ultra cables are permanent flexible with highest fire protection are often used as a Festoon-cable for polar carriages in nuclear power plants, in railway technology, as a sensor cable on the vehicle chassis, as a drag chain insert with moderate mechanical loads, as a flexible control cable at entry ...


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