SAB Kabel

Bus Cables

Bus cables are used for the digital signal transmission between for example sensors and the corresponding display units. Due to the high transmission rate and data flow, standard data cables are not sufficient any more. For applications as for example parcel conveyor belts, sorting units in recycling plants and waste glass sorting a very quick transmission , evalutation and reaction are of greatest importance. We manufacture cables for nearly all standard bus systems as for example Interbus-S & loop, CAN BUS, Profibus, Profinet, DeviceNet & Safety Bus.

In the following overview we would like to give you a survey of bus & ethernet cables for the different bus systems that are often used for industrial applications. If you don´t find an appropriate cable for your bus system please get in contact with our cable experts. As a leading special cable manufacturer we are able to design and to produce a special bus cable that meet your requirements.