Applications of bus cables

Interbus has been developed for the sensor/actuator communication in the automation technique. This technically matured system has been standardised in the meantime acc. to IEC 61158 and 61784. For the main application fields different cable types are defined: remote bus cable, installation remote bus cable, S-line and loop.

The two-conductor Interbus-Loop cable is to be applied as a data transmission cable as well as for the supply of sensors. The three-conductor Interbus-Loop cables is applied for supply of actuators. These cables are also suitable for Interbus-Loop 2.

Cables for a Controller Area Network have been standardised for different application fields. The largest spreading has got the high speed type acc. to ISO 11898-2. The bus is optimised for a band efficient digital information exchange on the controller level.

Based on CAN structures DeviceNet was developed for the industrial process automation on the North American continent. This system is divided into Trunk and Drop cable.

PROFIBUS systems are especially made for process automation (PA). PROFIBUS is standardised acc. to IEC 61158 that means best interoperability of components from different manufacturers. The modular peripheral construction (DP: decentralised periphery) of the bus system simplifies installation and maintenance. The PROFIBUS type A is generally used in current systems, cables of PROFIBUS type B are only used for replacement purpose in already existing systems.

Fast Connect cable construction

These cables mostly have a radial symmetric construction. This enables the use of special stripping tools that make possible a quicker and easier harnessing and installation.

SafetyBUS is an open bus system that has been especially optimised for the transmission of data with regard to machine safety: the consistency of data with regard to time and contents have highest priority. SafetyBUS fulfils a variety of highest standards to guarantee the protection of humans and goods during production.

S 670 and S 671 are flexible UL recognized, CSA approval hybrid field bus control cables, suitable for cable continuous flexing with optical fibre and copper conductors. The cable S 670 with its polyurethane outer jacket has a very good resistance against acids, alkalines, solvents hydraulic liquids and oil.

The SAB robot cable USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 was developed for high frequency data transmission in industry. In the industry intelligent image processing systems are very important. They are the key to more efficiency, precision and productivity with the installation and treatment by robots for the most different applications. Whether for the identification of parts and components, for visual inspection, welded seam control or for the collection of bar codes or type tests; wherever a quick and reliable collection and transmission of data from the camera to the industrial PC are absolutely important. Our highly flexible robot cable USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 was especially developed for this application. It guarantees excellent transmission characteristics as it is demanded for intelligent image processing under extreme industrial application conditions. The use of PC compatible components make possible the recourse to established standards and simplifies further treatment in electronic data processing systems.

Industrial Ethernet is a quickly developing network technology. Ethernet with the worldwide accepted TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) will be the future connection to the well established field bus or sensor / actuator level. Generally, the following transmission rates are divided into:


FAST ETHERNET = 100 Mbit/s (CAT 5 requirements)

GIGABIT ETHERNET = 1000 Mbit/s (1 Gbit/s)

SAB Bröckskes developed a variety of cable solutions due to the strong innovative force of automation industry. Depending on the application, we are able to offer today CAT 5, CAT 6 and CAT 7 cable solutions for flexible and continuous flexible use, for chemical and thermal stress as well as special cable constructions for reeling purpose and robot operation.

For the field bus wiring of Profinet field bus systems in industrial sectors. This cable type is used for example in cable chain applications for automation and machine and plant construction with rough environments. The PUR outer sheath is resistant against rough environmental conditions.

For the field bus wiring in automation technique. These bus cables transfer Profibus signals with different cable and plug combinations. The PUR cable for cable chain applications is resistant against rough environmental conditions in industrial applications.

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