SAB Kabel


halogen-free Industrial Ethernet Cables for Railway Technology

Marking for CATLine CAT 7A R 17674621: SAB BRÖCKSKES · D-VIERSEN · CATLine Cat.7A R 4x2x26AWG 1767-4621 CE

Marking for CATLine CAT 7A R 17674621: SAB BRÖCKSKES · D-VIERSEN · CATLine Cat.7A R 4x2x26AWG 1767-4621 CE


The CAT 7A R Industrial Ethernet cable for the railway industry meets the requirements of EN 45545-2. The CAT 7A cable is used for Ethernet and/or Gigabit Ethernet networks in rail vehicles, e.g. for setting up passenger information systems, surveillance technology or e-ticketing systems.

Outstanding features

  • halogen-free
  • no flame propagation
  • flame retardant and self-extinguishing
  • fulfils fire protection requirements R15 (EL1A) acc. to EN 45545-2 for hazard levels HL1-3
  • EAC approval

Additional information

Especially for use in rail vehicles



bare copper strands, fine wires



Colour code

white-blue/blue, white-orange/orange, white-green/green, white-brown/brown


twisted to pairs with alu foil,

pairs together


tinned copper braiding

Sheath material

Special SABIX®

Sheath colour

green (similar RAL 6018)

Technical data

Peak operating voltage

max. 90 V

Testing voltage

core/core: 1500 V

core/screen: 1200 V

Min. bending radius

fixed laying: 5 x d

flexible application: 12 x d

Temperature range

fixed laying: -40/+70°C

flexible application: -30/+70 °C


acc. to EN 50306-1 + EN 50264-1.

Development of HCl is ≤ 0,5% acc. to IEC 60754-1.

pH-value is ≥ 4,3 acc. to IEC 60754-2.

Conductivity is ≤ 10,0 µS/mm acc. to IEC 60754-2.

Fluoric content ≤ 0,1% acc. to IEC 60684-2

Fire performance

no flame propagation acc. to IEC 60332-3-24 + VDE 0482-332-3-24 resp. IEC 60332-3-25 + VDE 0482-332-3-25 and EN 50305 + VDE 0260-305 section 9.1.2.

Flame retardant and self-extinguishing acc. to IEC 60332-1-2 + VDE 0482-332-1-2

Smoke density

acc. to IEC 61034 + VDE 0482-1034


acc. to EN 50305 + VDE 0260-305

Characteristic impedance

100Ω ± 10Ω, accomplishes the electrical and transmission requirements with high frequency

with reference to EN 50288-9-2 / CAT 7A



Absence of harmful substances

acc. to RoHS directive of the European Union


item of corescross sectionmax. core-øouter-øcopper figurecable weight ca.
17674621826 AWG1,60 mm7,8 ± 10% mm38,5 kg/km75 kg/km