Oil resistance of cables and wires

Cables frequently get into contact with oils and other chemicals during operation. Depending on the application conditions, cables must be selected according to the external influences. The oil resistance of cables can be tested in different ways. Oil resistant cables from SAB are tested and confirmed according to three standard methods. Further tests of oil resistance can be made according to the special conditions of our costumers. 

In the table below you can find the arrangement and comparison of tests according to TMPU EN 50363-10-2 + VDE 0207-363-10-2, TM54 according to EN 50290-2-22 + VDE 0819-102 and TM5 according to EN 50363-4-1 + VDE 0207-363-4-1.

1. Test method

  • acc. to IEC 60811-404 
  • corresponds to EN 60811-404
  • corresponds to VDE 0473-811-404


2. Requirements

TMPU acc. to
EN 50363-10-2
VDE 0207-363-10-2
acc. to SAB - internal standard
TM54 acc. to
EN 50290-2-22
DE 0819-102

TM5 acc. to
EN 50363-4-1
VDE 0207-363-4-1
Characteristics after storage in mineral oil IRM 902 (ASTM Nr. 2)
Test temperature100°C70°C90°C
Period of storage in oil168 hours4 hours168 hours
Mechanical values after storage in oil
max. deviation of tensile strength± 40 %± 30 %± 30 %
max. deviation of elongation at tear± 30 %
(min. 300% effective)
± 30 %± 30%


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