Insulation and sheath material characteristics

The following table shows the most common insulation and sheathing materials used by SAB Bröckskes for the production of electrical cables. Other materials can be offered on customer request.

In the table you can see different insulation materials or sheath materials, the designation and the most important properties such as temperature resistance, flame resistance, tensile strength, elongation at break, abrasion behavior, dielectric constant, specific resistance, breakdown voltage and radiation resistance.

Chemical resistance characteristics of insulation and sheathing materials can be found here.

MaterialTemperature range/ flexibleFlame retardanceTensile strength N/mm2Elongation at break %Abrasion resistanceDielectric constant at 800 Hz approx.Specific resistance Ohm x cmBreak-down-voltage kV/mmRadiation resistance cJ/kg
PVC special+5°C/+70°Cgood15250medium4,01013128 x 107
PVC cold resistant-20°C/+70°Cgood15250medium4,01013128 x 107
PVC  heat resistant+5°C/+105°Cgood18200medium3,51013188 x 107
PVC oil resistant+5°C/+70°Cgood15250medium4,01013128 x 107
PUR halogen-free*


good25400sehr gut6,01012205 x 107
PE-40°C/+70°C-20500good2,41017307 x 106
TPE*-40°C/+90°C (up to +130°C)-30500good3,31014201 x 107
Besilen®+180°Cgood7200moderate3,21015202 x 107
FEP+180°Cvery good20250good2,11018205 x 106
PFA+250°Cvery good20250good2,11018202 x 106
ETFE+135°Cvery good45250good2,61016305 x 107
SABIX®* from basis PP-40°C/+90°C-30500good2,3101630-
SABIX®* from basis PO-40°C/+90°Cvery good9125moderate4,71014-1 x 107
SABIX®** connected-40°C/+125°Cvery good12125moderate5,0---

The values in this table are approximates and are not complete (technical modification subject to alteration).

*   depending on execution 
** electron beam cross-linked types


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