SAB Kabel

Insulation and sheath material characteristics

MaterialAbbre- viationTemperature range/ flexible

Flame retardanceTensile strength N/mm2Elongation at break %

Abrasion resis- tance

Dielectric constant at 800 Hz appr. Specific resistance Ω x cm

Break-down-voltage kV/mm

Radiation resis- tance cJ/kg
PVC special
+5°C /+70°C good15 250 medium
101312 8 x 107
PVC cold resistantYK-20C /+70°C good 15250medium4,0101312 8 x 107
PVC heat resistantYW+5°C /+105°Cgood 18200medium3,5101318 8 x 107
PVC. oil resistantYOE+5°C /+70°Cgood 15250medium4,0101312 8 x 107
PUR halogen-free11Y-40°C /+90°Cmoderate30400very good6,01012205 x 107
PE2Y-40°C /+70°Cmoderate20500good2,410171007 x 106
TPE12Y-40°C /+90°C (bis +135°C)moderate30500good3,31014301 x 107
Besilen®2G+180°Cgood7200moderate3,21015202 x 107
FEP6Y+180°Cvery good20250good2,11018205 x 106
PFA-+250°Cvery good20250good2,11018202 x 106
ETFE7Y+150°Cvery good45250good 2,61016305 x 107
auf Basis PP
--40°C /+90°C-30500good2,3101830-
auf Basis PO
--40°C /+90°Cvery good9125moderate4,71014-5 x 107
--40°C /+85°Cvery good12125moderate5,0---


The values in this table are approximates and are not complete (technical modification subject to alteration).

*   depending on execution 
** electron beam cross-linked types


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