SAB Kabel

Types of Cables and Wires - Abbreviations

Cable type key for 
harmonized, international


Fundamental type                                               

H = harmonised type
A= nationally recognised type


Nominal voltage

01= 100 Volts
03= 300/300 Volts
05= 300/500 Volts
07= 450/750 Volts



= Ethylene propylene rubber
E = PE Polyethylene
= fibre-glass braiding
N= Chloroprene rubber
Q= Polyurethane
R= Rubber
S = Silicone rubber
T = Textile braiding
V2  = PVC + 90°C
V3 = PVC flexible at low temperatures
= PVC increased oil resistant
= XPE, cross linked PE



C4 = copper wire braiding
= divisible flat cable
H2 = non-divisible flat cable
H6 = non-divisible flat cable for elevators
H8 = helix cable


Types of conductor

U = single wire
R = multi wire
= fine strands (fixed laying)
= fine strands (flexible use)
= extra fine strands (flexible use)
= fine strands for welding cable
= fine strands for welding cable


Earth wire

= without green-yellow earth wire
= with green-yellow earth wire
Cable type key according to DIN VDE 
and with reference to DIN VDE 
(SAB BRÖCKSKES standard)


Fundamental type

= National standard
Bi = Besilen® (silicone)
Ö = PVC control cable
S= Cable track cable
SL = Servo cable
SABIX®= Halogen-free material on a Polyolefin base
Li = strands (data cable)
AGL = Compensating cable
ThL = Extension Cable



YK = cold resistant PVC
2G (Bi)= Besilen® (silicone)
12Y = mod. TPE
= rubber
2Y = PE (Polyethylene)
GL = fibre-glass
SABIX®= halogen-free material



= steel wire protection
= steel wire braiding
= copper braiding
= stainless steel braiding
= copper wrapping
ST = static screen



= numbered control cable
= single core
= flexible
(E) = intrinsically safe (blue)
(TR) = transparent outer sheath
(B) = drain wire
PU = Polyurethane



YOE = oil resistant PVC
YW = heat resistant PVC
11Y= PUR (Polyurethane)
HM4 = halogen-free thermoplast (Begum)
SABIX®= halogen-free material
Other materials as mentioned under insulation


Sheath material

J= with green-yellow earth wire
= without green-yellow earth wire


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