SAB Kabel

Single-Pair-Ethernet Cables

Single-Pair-Ethernet cables from SAB are specially designed for the increasing data transmission rates in automation. SAB CATLine cables can be used wherever harsh industrial conditions prevail, e.g. high temperatures, contamination by oils and aggressive chemicals.

With a bandwidth of 1-600 MHz, the cables ensure safe and reliable data transmission. The CATLine SPE C-Track & SPE Robot cable with UL approval are ideally suited for use in drag chains and robots. They are also highly flexible, LABS non-critical, oil resistant, UL approved and RoHS compliant.

The following Single-Pair-Ethernet cables can be offered depending on customer requirements and application.

Single-Pair-Ethernet cable with UL recognition, suitable for cable tracks
Single-Pair-Ethernet cable, suitable for robots with UL recognition
Single-Pair-Ethernet cable – high temperature resistant with UL recognition
Single-Pair-Ethernet cable for robust indoor and outdoor use