Flexible Sensor Cables for Mining

Sensor cables play an important role in the daily handling of heavy machinery in opencast mining. Due to the size of the machines, it is very difficult for the human eye to see the surroundings. To reduce the risk to life and limb, state-of-the-art mining vehicles are equipped with all-round sensors to provide the machine operator with a better picture of his surroundings. These special sensors in turn require a customised connection cable.

Such cables have to meet the highest requirements in terms of flexibility, abrasion resistance, notch resistance, oil resistance, weather resistance and chemical resistance. Especially when used on mining vehicles, e.g. dump trucks, the cables have to operate reliably in any working environment and under all weather conditions in order to minimise failure times. SAB sensor cables are highly flexible and have a small bending radius. Furthermore, they have very good EMC properties.

If you do not find a suitable cable for your specific application, please contact us. We will be pleased to develop the optimal solution for your application together with you.

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