SAB Kabel

Life cycle test for cable track cables

Test parameter

Acceleration:40 m/s2
Travel vI:1900 mm
Cable length in motion:2700 mm
Speed:1.4 m/s
No. of bendings:18 per min
Bending radius:variable
Roll-Ø d1:variable
Roll-Ø d2:variable




Test findingsS 200 (12 x 1.0 mm2)S 90 (12 x 1.0 mm2)S 86 (12 x 1.0 mm2
Bending radius during test:4.3 x d3.6 x d3.5 x d
Travel:1.9 m1.9 m1.9 m
Acceleration:40 m/s240 m/s240 m/s2
Temperature during test:+10°C up to +22°C+10°C up to +22°C+10°C up to +22°C
Speed:1.4 m/s1.4 m/s1.4 m/s
Dimension:10.4 mm12.5 mm12.9 mm
Roll diameter d1:90 mm90 mm90 mm
Roll diameter d2:125 mm125 mm125 mm
No. of bendings:17.438.4852.929.7302.508.904

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