Technical Description of Resistance Thermometers

1. General Information

In general SAB BRÖCKSKES furnishes its insulated resistance thermometers with Platinum Pt 100 acc. to DIN EN60751. On request, we are also able to deliver mineral insulated resistance thermometers with Pt 500, Pt 1000. We recommend the use of Platinum RTDs due to their high level of stability and consistency. Mineral insulated resistance thermometers are often used for temperature measurement in containers, tubes, appliances, and machines. They are applied whenever the flexible mounting and dismounting of the measuring probes are of great importance. Please note that mineral insulated resistance thermometers are only appropriate for low pressures and small flow rates.

2. Construction

The flexible and thin special steel tube of sheath contains 2, 4, or 6 inner wires which are pressed into magnesium oxide. The measuring resistance is connected to the inner wires and embedded into magnesium oxide powder. In general, material no. 1.4541 is used as sheath material.

3. Response Times

Mineral insulated thermometers have short response times and react quickly onto changing temperatures. You will find the approximate values in the table on page 9. 

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