Thermocouples transfer heat with the help of thermoelectricity into electrical energy. A thermocouple is a component consisting of two different metallic conductors connected together at one end. A temperature difference creates a heat flow and a thermoelectric voltage.

Temperature measurement with thermocouples

A temperature measuring device with a thermocouple as data indicator tends to consist of the thermocouple itself with a measuring tip, an extension cable, a cold junction with a specified constant temperature and a voltmeter.

As a longtime manufacturer of mineral-insulated thermocouples with more than 75 years of experience we are able to design a special thermocouple which can be produced especially for your application and according to your specifications. The type can be chosen freely depending on the application, e.g. type K, type J, type L, type S/T etc.

Product overview – Thermocouples

In the following overview we would like to give you a survey of different construction types of mineral insulated thermocouples that are often used for industrial applications. If you don´t find an appropriate thermocouple for your special application please get in contact with our experts. As a leading manufacturer of electric thermometers, we are able to design and to produce a special thermocouple that meet your special requirements.

Measurement technology specifically for your application.

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