Cables for 3D Measurement Technology

The optical 3D measurement technique offers a lot of advantages as for example a contactless and quick measurement and replaces more and more the classic and mechanical measuring methods. Moreover, the tactile measuring technique not only takes a lot of time but also bears a high source of error. The optical and contactless measurement processes are 10 to 1000 times quicker and the error rate is comparatively low.

The demands on the measuring devices and the corresponding accessories are respectively high. SAB Bröckskes accepts this challenge and offers a highly flexible CATLine cable range for a combined power supply that is suitable for highly dynamic movements in 3D scanners and measurement devices. The Ethernet and hybrid Ethernet cables of this range guarantee a reliable signal transmission of 3D measuring data, geometrical dimensions of components and surface characteristics in 3D sensors, cameras, lasers and quality assurance systems.

The application range of this 3D measurement technique are for example production and inline measurements, quality assurance as well as development and design.

Product overview – Cables for 3D Measurement Technology

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