General notes for the installation of construction lift cables for basket applications

  • The mounting of the cable has to be executed carefully.
  • Unwind the needed cable length tangentially from the reel and put it on the ground without any torsions.
  • Introduce the needed cable length for the installation at the connection box from top to bottom of the basket and guide and install it though the basket bottom to the connection box.
  • Drop the cable in or against clock direction in layers into the basket (see extended mounting instructions).
  • Connect the cable to the lift.
  • Ride a complete cycle of the lift.
  • Check if the cable shows any faults. If one or several figure eight loops or high ondulation arises, untie the cable at the side of the lift and turn it axially until the fault is corrected. Please check again of the cable shows any faults.
  • If the cable doesn’t show any faults after a complete cycle, the lift can start operation.
  • Note: With maximum extension (lift at the highest point) some layers of the cable shall still be in the basket.

Extended mounting instructions for construction lift cables for the application in a basket.

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