SAB Kabel

Single-Pair-Ethernet Cables for cable chain and robot application

CATLine SPE C-Track, SPE Robot & SPE HT - The increasing networking and communication of machine components requires the treatment of larger data volumes that have to be transmitted reliably even under difficult conditions. 

The digital revolution is not only resounding  throughout the land but has already found its way into many companies. In connection with Industry 4.0 the demands on data transmission in real time are growing considerably as well as the rapidly increasing degree of networking in production. 

Ethernet cables are often exposed to high mechanical stress and high temperatures in industrial applications. Furthermore, they are often in contact with different chemical products, oils and cleaning agents.

These requirements and the demand of industrial users for continuous Ethernet (IIoT) to the tiniest production level for example to sensor and actuator has been quickly recognized by SAB Bröckskes and as a consequence the company created robust and economic solutions.
The new cable type CATLine SPE created by SAB Bröckskes offers new solutions for various application fields. 

Within a band width of 1-600MHz these SPE cables that are appropriate for cable chains and robots, guarantee a safe and reliable data transmission. The cables CATLine SPE Robot and C-Track are uncritical related to paint-wetting impairment substances (PWIS). Additionally they are oil resistant,
UL-approved and RoHS-compliant. 

The focus is on two Single-Pair-Ethernet cables that have been especially developed for the increasing data transmission ratio in automation.  Besides the CATLine C-Track, a Single-Pair- Ethernet cable for cable chains, SAB Bröckskes has designed an UL-approved SPE-Cable for robots – CATLine SPE Robot.

The following Single-Pair-Ethernet Cables can be offered according to the customer´s requirements and application.

CATLine SPE C-Track – Single-Pair-Ethernet Cable with UL approval for cable track application. 
The CATLine SPE C-Track is appropriate for cable chains under rough conditions in automation industry.

CATLine SPE Robot – Single-Pair-Ethernet Cable with UL approval for robots 
The CATLine SPE Robot is appropriate for the application under rough industrial conditions on robots.

CATLine SPE HT – High temperature resistant Single-Pair-Ethernet Cable with UL approval
The temperature resistant cable CATLine SPE HT can be used under rough industrial conditions with temperatures up to + 180°C. 

Special solutions for special applications

The production possibilities of SAB do not only include standard types and dimensions but also special cables that are manufactured acc. to the respective requirements of the customer. SAB is able to realize productions already for small batches that are of interest for small or pilot series. 

Cable manufacturer – SAB Bröckskes is a worldwide leading manufacturer of cables, cable harnessing and temperature measuring technique. 70 years of experience in temperature measurement and control technique as well as in cable production have made a one man business a company with nearly 500 staff members. Our strengths are not only the production of standard products but also the development and manufacturing of special products. Every year SAB Bröckskes manufactures more than 1500 special products on our customers´ request.