Control Cable for Paint Robots

The cable is designed for use in robots particularly in drag chains for axis 7 and distinguishes itself by a high resistance against different chemicals or solvents commonly used in robotic painting applications. In a paint shop (painting line in the automotive industry) cables get in contact with highly aggressive chemicals like coatings, solvents and lubricants. According to the manufacturer the new cable has two unique features of great importance. One of which is the robustness for drag chain applications and the other is the resistance against the specific environmental conditions associated with robotic painting applications.

Special construction

The insulation and sheath compounds are especially engineered for flame and chemical resistance. The robust construction of the cable is essential for continuous flex use in drag chains.

The latest development for robot technology of SAB Bröckskes fulfills the demanding flame test FT4 for the North American market.

Special characteristics of the cable:

  • flame retardant and self
  • extinguishing vertical flame test FT 4
  • oil and chemical resistance
  • maximum durability under high mechanical stress
  • permanent flexibility

Tested under real operating conditions

We put the construction elements and materials through extensive endurance tests under real operating conditions. Furthermore, the materials were exposed to harsh chemicals in the laboratory to simulate the environment of the paint shop. All tests were successfully passed and the cable was released for mass production.

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