SAB Kabel


Silicone (Besilen®) insulated strands with Silicone (Besilen®) outer sheath, fibre-glass tape and steel wire armouring for mechanical protection


BiHFGLP-J with fibre-glass tape and steel wire armouring for mechanical protection consists of silicone insulated strands. Additionally, the cable is heat-resistant and halogen-free. It is applied in plastics processing, packaging and textile machine engineering, smelteries, steelworks, and hot-rolling mills, safety technology, measuring and control technologies, cement, glass, and ceramic industries, refrigeration, heat and air conditioning technologies, paper industry, foundries, and sauna construction. 

Outstanding features

  • halogen-free
  • flexible at low temperatures
  • heat resistant
  • protection against mechanical damage
  • EAC approval

Cable construction


tinned copper strands acc. to IEC 60228, VDE 0295, class 5


Besilen® EI2 acc. to EN 50363-1 + VDE 0207-363-1

Colour code

coloured acc. to HD 308 (VDE 0293-308),

from 6 cores black cores

with consecutive numbers

acc. to EN 50334 + VDE 0293-334,

from 3 cores a green-yellow earth wire


in layers

Sheath material

Besilen® EM9 acc. to EN 50363-2-1 + VDE 0207-363-2-1

Sheath colour

reddish brown (similar RAL 3016)


fibre-glass tape


galvanized steel wire braiding

Technical data

Nominal voltage

Uo/U 300/500 V

Testing voltage

core/core 2000 V

Min. bending radius

fixed laying: 5 x d

flexible application: 10 x d

Radiation resistance

2 x 10^7 cJ/kg

Temperature range

fixed laying: -40/+180°C

flexible application: -25/+180°C

short-time use: +250°C


acc. to IEC 60754-1 + VDE 0482-754-1

Fire performance

flame retardant and self-extinguishing acc. to

IEC 60332-1-2 + VDE 0482-332-1-2

Corrosiveness of conflagration gases

IEC 60754-2 + VDE 0482-754-2 - no development of corrosive conflagration gases

Chem. resistance

see Technical Data

Weather resistance

very good

Absence of harmful substances

acc. to RoHS directive of the European Union


item of cores x cross sectionlargest single wire-øouter-ø ± 5%copper figurecable weight ca.
014602072 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm6,8 mm14,4 kg/km72,9 kg/km
014603073 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm7,1 mm21,6 kg/km82,2 kg/km
014604074 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm7,6 mm28,8 kg/km95,5 kg/km
014605075 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm8,3 mm36 kg/km112,2 kg/km
014606076 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm9,1 mm43,2 kg/km137,6 kg/km
014607077 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm9,1 mm50,4 kg/km142 kg/km
014602102 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm7 mm19,2 kg/km79,2 kg/km
014603103 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm7,3 mm28,8 kg/km90,4 kg/km
014604104 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm7,9 mm38,4 kg/km106,7 kg/km
014605105 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm8,5 mm48 kg/km131 kg/km
014606106 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm9,4 mm57,6 kg/km153,8 kg/km
014607107 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm9,4 mm67,2 kg/km160 kg/km
014602152 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm7,9 mm28,8 kg/km99,4 kg/km
014603153 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm8,3 mm43,2 kg/km115,5 kg/km
014604154 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm9,1 mm57,6 kg/km144,8 kg/km
014605155 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm10 mm72 kg/km174,5 kg/km
014606156 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm10,8 mm86,4 kg/km205,1 kg/km
014607157 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm10,8 mm100,8 kg/km214,2 kg/km
014602252 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm9,4 mm48 kg/km145,8 kg/km
014603253 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm9,9 mm72 kg/km172,1 kg/km
014604254 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm10,7 mm96 kg/km207,9 kg/km
014605255 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm12 mm120 kg/km260 kg/km
014606256 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm13,2 mm144 kg/km323 kg/km
014607257 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm13,2 mm168 kg/km338,6 kg/km
014602402 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm11 mm76,8 kg/km203,8 kg/km
014603403 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm11,6 mm115,2 kg/km248,2 kg/km
014604404 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm12,7 mm153,6 kg/km316,2 kg/km
014605405 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm14,1 mm192 kg/km383 kg/km
014606406 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm15,2 mm230,4 kg/km443,3 kg/km
014607407 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm15,2 mm268,8 kg/km468,9 kg/km
014602602 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm12,2 mm115,2 kg/km264,8 kg/km
014603603 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm13 mm172,8 kg/km341,9 kg/km
014604604 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm14,1 mm230,4 kg/km410,6 kg/km
014605605 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm15,4 mm288 kg/km493,2 kg/km