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By a special method cables can be transferred from their straight form to a curling form. According to the application the cable can be adjusted to your demands and specifications. It is possible to make helix cables of both, PVC as well as PUR sheathed cables. You can also buy screened helix cables from us.

The helical direction is dependent on the stranding direction of a cable.

Additional information

PVC helix cables can be used as extension or connection cables. These cost saving cables are used if there is no continuous restoring force demanded, e.g. for lamps or electrical appliances.

PUR helix cables are used for very high requests on the quality of the cable. The pull-off length of these cables is approximately 4:1 and they have a good restoring force as well. For this reason these cables are used e.g. material handling appliances, in machines, on gates.


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