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Airflow thermocouple


Airflow thermocouple for temperature measurement, for example at engine test benches. Especially appropriate to collect the temperature of the airflow, for example in the turbocharger. The small diameter of the measuring tip guarantees a quick response time. The screening of the cable offers at the same time mechanical protection as well as protection against electromagnetic interference. Usually fixing can be done by clamping screw connections.

Cable construction


■ 1 x Typ J

■ 1 x Typ K

■ 2 x Typ J

■ 2 x Typ K

■ other thermocouples - acc. to customer’s request

Sheath material

■ 1.4541 (+800°C)

■ 2.4816 (+1100°C)

■ other sheath materials - acc. to customer’s request

Protecting tube

■ length in mm - acc. to customer’s request

Connection ends

■ miniature thermoplug

■ miniature socket

■ standard plug

■ standard socket

■ free ends specify in mm - acc. to customer’s request

■ other connection ends

Type of measuring tip

■ class 1, form A, insulated measuring tip

■ class 1, form B, welded measuring tip

Nominal length

■ specify in mm - acc. to customer’s request

Possible on request

■ with batch certificate and identification

■ Dakks calibration on request

■ accessories (fix) - acc. to customer’s request