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TR 600 CY Lean

Type TC, MTW and WTTC: UV and oil resistant, Machine-Tool cable with overall copper screen and black cores

Marking for TR 600 CY Lean: See cable construction

Marking for TR 600 CY Lean: See cable construction


The NFPA 79 certified and sunlight resistant TR 600 CY Lean is a screened Tray Cable and Machine-Tool Cable for industrial machinery. Its applications are in machine tools, control systems assembly lines, CNC machining, grinding machines, bottling equipment, data processing equipment, and connection between control panels and machines.

Outstanding features

  • Flexible cable for cable tray use
  • Oil resistance
  • Sunlight resistance
  • NFPA 79 for industrial machinery
  • WTTC approval
  • WTTC: UL Subject 2277
  • TC: UL Standard 1277
  • (UL)/(cUL) listed
  • EAC approval

Cable construction


bare copper strands acc. to IEC 60228 class 5 and UL standard 758 table 5.1 + UL 1581 table 20.1


special formulated PVC/Nylon

Colour code

black cores with numbers; green-yellow earth wire from 3 cores


in layers


PETP foil


tinned copper braiding

Sheath material

special sunlight and oil resistant PVC

Sheath colour

black (RAL 9005)


SAB BRÖCKSKES · D-VIERSEN · TR 600 CY Lean 16 AWG/25c 32241625 TFFN (UL) Type TC-ER 90°C 600V, Oil Resistant I, Sunlight Resistant, Direct Burial, FT4 (UL) WTTC 90°C 1000V (UL) MTW 16 AWG/25c 600V flexing AWM Style 21179 600V c(UL) Type CIC SHIELDED 90°C dry 600V FT1 FT2 FT4 CE

Technical data


UL-AWM/(UL)/c(UL): 600 V

(UL) WTTC: 1000 V

Testing voltage

4000 V

Min. bending radius

fixed laying: 5 x d

flexible application: 10 x d

Radiation resistance

8 x 10^7 cJ/kg


UL-AWM: up to +105°C

UL-AWM fixed laying: -25°C

(UL)/c(UL): up to +90°C

Fire performance

(UL) FT4 and c(UL) FT1, FT2, FT4

Oil resistance I


Sunlight resistance


Exposed Runs


Direct Burial


Machinery Area


Absence of harmful substances

acc. to RoHS directive of the European Union


item no.largest single wire-øouter-ø ± 5%copper figurecable weight ca.
322416033 x 16 AWG0,26 mm8,8 mm66,9 kg/km109 kg/km
322416044 x 16 AWG0,26 mm9,5 mm83,8 kg/km132 kg/km
322416055 x 16 AWG0,26 mm10,3 mm101,1 kg/km158 kg/km
322416077 x 16 AWG0,26 mm11,4 mm148,6 kg/km209 kg/km
3224161212 x 16 AWG0,26 mm15,4 mm269,7 kg/km369 kg/km
3224161818 x 16 AWG0,26 mm17,7 mm369,6 kg/km502 kg/km
3224162525 x 16 AWG0,26 mm20,8 mm486,2 kg/km653 kg/km
322414033 x 14 AWG0,26 mm9,7 mm98,3 kg/km142 kg/km
322414044 x 14 AWG0,26 mm10,5 mm125,2 kg/km175 kg/km
322414055 x 14 AWG0,26 mm11,6 mm173,9 kg/km226 kg/km
322414077 x 14 AWG0,26 mm12,6 mm222,6 kg/km282 kg/km
3224141212 x 14 AWG0,26 mm17 mm386,6 kg/km487 kg/km
3224141818 x 14 AWG0,26 mm19,7 mm556,5 kg/km685 kg/km
3224142525 x 14 AWG0,26 mm24,4 mm766,2 kg/km974 kg/km
322412044 x 12 AWG0,31 mm12,1 mm207,8 kg/km256 kg/km
322412055 x 12 AWG0,31 mm13,2 mm251,7 kg/km311 kg/km
322412077 x 12 AWG0,31 mm15,3 mm354,8 kg/km435 kg/km
322410044 x 10 AWG0,31 mm15,1 mm316,3 kg/km405 kg/km
322410055 x 10 AWG0,31 mm16,5 mm386 kg/km490 kg/km
322410077 x 10 AWG0,31 mm17,9 mm513,9 kg/km617 kg/km
322408044 x 8 AWG0,41 mm19 mm461,3 kg/km619 kg/km
322406044 x 6 AWG0,41 mm23,7 mm682,5 kg/km932 kg/km
322404044 x 4 AWG0,41 mm28,3 mm1020,7 kg/km1359 kg/km
322402044 x 2 AWG0,41 mm32,4 mm1511,3 kg/km1875 kg/km