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Single conductors

The high-voltage ignition cables (20 kV), Besilen® ignition cable (20 kV), Besilen® insulted single conductor for tube lamps (neon cable), and Besilen® insulated wires and strands are used in the lamp and light industry for the internal wiring of lamps at low mechanical loads. Very unsteady ambient temperatures up to +180°C are manageable for those cables.

Cables and wires of this product range have the following characteristics:

  • halogen-free
  • flexible at low temperatures
  • heat resistant
  • voltage-stable
Silicone (Besilen®) ignition cable
Silicone (Besilen®) high-voltage ignition cable
Silicone (Besilen®) insulated single conductor for tube lamps (neon cable)
Silicone (Besilen®) insulated wire
Silicone (Besilen®) insulated strands
Silicone (Besilen®) insulated strands, highly flexible
Silicone (Besilen®) insulated strands with fibre-glass braiding
Silicone (Besilen®) insulated strands 0.6/1 kV
Silicone (Besilen®) insulated strands 1,8/3 kV
Besilen® insulated copper rope with overall copper screen
Silicone (Besilen®) insulated strands 3,6/6 kV