Cables for wind power plant

Wind energy is booming - new wind power plants are erected whereever high and constant wind speeds are prevailing. In order to guarantee a smooth operation, in this field special cables for the most different applications are needed. SAB BRÖCKSKES has developped different cables for different applications in wind energy plants as for example

POF-fibre optics and hybrid cables for data transmission

For an EMC - safe signal transmission in switchboards of wind energy plants. Copper cables are used for the transmission of temperature signals to control the operating temperature with the help of resistance thermometers.

Data cables

Our data cables fulfil the demands of our customers for a highly flexible cable to be installed from the housing to the base of the wind power plants. In practise they have proved very good resistance against vibration.

Sensor cables or motor connection cables for pitch drives

Highly flexible sensor cable for the transmission of measured values from a weather station to control the azimuth system in wind turbines.

Highly flexible cables according to your special requirements

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