SAB Kabel

Cables for reeling application

Reeling cables are extremely resistant and flexible. Those cables are used, for instance, in spring cable reels on stages and theaters. as control cable in crane arms, for motor cable reels, hoists, transport systems as well as farm vehicles with medium to high mechanical stress. 

Reeling cable, 300/500 V
Reeling cable, 300/500 V with overall copper screen
Reeling cable, 0,6/1 kV
Reeling cable, 0,6/1 kV for higher mechanical stress
Reeling cable with UL/cUL recognition
PUR reeling cable for offshore applications
PUR reeling cable for spreader application
reeling CAT 6A Gigabit Ethernet cable
reeling CAT 7A Gigabit Ethernet cable
reeling Profinet cable
reeling CAT 5 cable
reeling CAN-Bus cable
PUR reeling cable for spreader application