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Installation instructions for reeling cables

The trouble-free and long service life of reeling cables requires the adherence to certain installation guidelines.

The cable shall be wound directly from the supplied drum to the reeling drum. The complete unwinding of the cable isn't necessary. A straight torsion-free guiding has to be observed. Equally the cable has to be fixed and connected torsion-free. The indicated min. bending radius has to be adhered to. 

In case of complete extension of the cable at least 2 windings shall remain on the reeling drum. For fixing the other cable end Kellem grips or large surface clamp connections can be used.

The installation of reeling cables has to be done carefully. They have to be protected against external damage during installation and operation.

The start of winding of reeling cables on cylinder drums shall be made in stranding direction. Cables with right stranding direction (Z-lay) shall be operated to be right side and vice versa. If the stranding direction isn't known, please contact our technical support for any information.

Without special notice in our catalogue, the tensile stress of the copper conductors shall not exceed 15 N/mm² (DIN VDE 0298 part 3). In case of higher tensile stress, we recommend to contact our technical support to align the cable construction to the requirements. The max. allowed limit deviations of the tensile stress are to be understood as the sum of the static and dynamic stress.

Reeling cables are generally not appropriate for torsion stress. During operation, however, torsion stress can't be avoided. As a consequence the exceeding of the limit values (generally >±25°/m) lead to a considerable reduction of service life.

In case of undercutting the smallest allowed min. bending radius, the service life of the cable is reduced.

You will find further information to this subject under Guidelines for the laying of cables in cable tracks (page N/28) as well as Installation instructions of lift control cables (page N/30).  

Installation instructions for reeling cables


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