Resistance thermometers and thermocouples


Platinum resistance thermometers 

  • Platinum resistance thermometers are the most accurate sensors and have the best long-time stability
  • Due to the chemical resistance of Platinum, the risk of impurity by oxidation and other chemical influences is reduced
  • High consistency



  • Larger temperature range than resistance thermometers
  • Small hot junction enables short response time
  • More robust and resistant against mechanical stress
  • Cheaper



A reliable temperature measurement requires a most exact adaption to the corresponding process. This statement is valid for thermocouples as well as for resistance thermometers.

CharacteristicsResistance thermometersThermocouples
Dimensionslarge sensor surfacesmall sensor surface possible
Response timerelatively longshort
Connection cablescopper cablesThermo compensating cables
Accuracyvery goodgood
Consistencyvery goodsatisfactory
Surface temperature measurementnot possiblepossible
Hot junctionover the whole length of the RTDpunctual
Robustnessgoodvery good
Spontaneous heatinghas to be considereddoes not occur
Temperature rangeup to +600°Chigher temperature possible
Cold junctionnot necessarynecessary
Circuit supplyyesno
Vibration resistancerelatively sensitivevery rugged

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