SAB Kabel

Ø-tolerances and types of mineral insulated thermocouples and resistance thermometers

Tolerance of Outer-Ø

outer –Ø of cablenominal value +/- limit dimensions
0,5 mm+/- 0,025 mm
1,0 mm+/- 0,025 mm
1,5 mm+/- 0,025 mm
2,0 mm+/- 0,025 mm
3,0 mm+/- 0,030 mm
4,5 mm+/- 0,045 mm
6,0 mm+/- 0,060 mm
8,0 mm+/- 0,080 mm


Thermocouple types form A / form B:

Mineral insulated thermocouples listed in this catalogue are according to DIN EN 61515 with regard to shape, construction and geometrical dimensions or refer to it. Regarding the basic values and tolerances the standards DIN EN 60584-1 and DIN EN 60584-2. We furnish mineral insulated thermocouples with insulated hot junction (form A) as standards version acc. to DIN EN 61515.

Form A - ungrounded mineral insulated thermocouple 
The measuring tip is not directly welded to the bottom. We also manufacture grounded mineral insulated thermocouples (form B) acc. to DIN EN 61515.

Form B - grounded mineral insulated thermocouple
The measuring tip is electrically connected to the sheath. Mineral insulated thermocouples keep the given min. insulation resistance acc. to DIN EN 61515, von >1000 MW at room temperature.

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