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For the application in corrosive media, we are able to furnish flange protecting armatures with a Halar®-coating.

In many industrial branches, an elevated protection against corrosion is demanded due to a higher capacity utilisation, new technologies, and production processes. An elevated chemical and mechanical stability are requested in order to reach a higher economic efficiency and productivity. For this reason, we are offering a Halar®-coating in order to fulfil these requirements.

Halar® is an alternating ethylene chlorine trifluoride copolymer (E-CTFE) that has an excellent resistance against chemical, electric, and mechanical stress. Furthermore, it possesses an elevated radiation and weather resistance.

Extensive tests executed with lots of chemicals have shown that Halar® is absolutely resistant against tension cracking. There have not been any chemicals dissolving Halar® fluoropolymers at temperatures up to + 120°C. One exception are chlorinated solvents that make Halar® swell at a certain degree but do not affect its characteristics. The maximum permanent operating temperature is about 160°C. Furthermore, Halar® has an elevated vacuum resistance and offers highest qualities with regard to viscosity, abrasion resistance, elasticity, and notch resistance. Coating thicknesses up to 1500μ can be reached. The min. coating thickness is 300μ.

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