Bio compatible medical cables with UL approval and "non blooming" effect

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Bio compatible medical cables with UL approval and "non blooming" effect

The bio compatible material series SABmed S contains besides the basic type with high abrasion and tear strength an ultra flexible and smooth cable, a cable with UL approval as well as a non blooming type.

There are highest demands on connection cables for medical devices especially for electro therapy/ surgery and dental technology if the cables are used between generator and applicator and thus are in contact with the patient.

Special characteristics of the cable range

Besides the flexibility and a perfect cleaning (by wiper disinfection or by autoclaving) characteristics as for example bio compatibility, reliability due to a long service life, low weight as well as a non sticking cable surface are often required. Moreover, for special applications the approval acc. to American standards is of greatest importance. Herewith, the torsion shall be avoided if the cable is coiled up by hand. The special cable manufacturer SAB Bröckskes GmbH & Co. KG from Viersen has succeeded to fulfil all requirements existing on the market that are presented with the material range SABmed S.

All types are bio compatible acc. to EN ISO 10993-5 and offer best characteristics with regard to notch resistance. Nearly every cable type in or at medical devices can be manufactured with this material compound. Also single cores, interfaces for bus systems (as for example CAT5 up to CAT7, RS232, USB, etc.), power cables or cables for hand-held equipment can be offered.

With the SABmed S material compound SAB has got also the possibility to design and manufacture connection cables for temperature sensors. Another advantage offered by the manufacturer is to adapt the cable colour individually to the colour of the medical device. Thus cables with a homogenized optic can be manufactured - different colours of device and cable are consequently a thing of the past.

Special solutions for special applications

The production possibilities of SAB range from basic types and standard dimensions to special cables according to the individual requirements of our customers. New productions are already possible for small quantities - especially interesting for small and pilot productions. Bio compatible medical cables with UL approval and "non blooming" effect

Highly flexible cables according to your special requirements

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