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Industrial Ethernet CAT 7 & CAT 7A cables for industrial applications

The requirements on cables for industrial applications are extremely high. They must be resistant against rough environmental conditions as for example high temperatures, pollution with oil and grease, aggressive chemicals or humidity as well as against strong mechanical stress as for example in cable chains or robot applications.

Industrial Ethernet CAT 7 & CAT 7A

Ethernet cables of category 5 and 6 from SAB have proofed an excellent performance in practice. Due to current and future developments, especially in automation processes with a permanently increasing data volume and transmission velocity, SAB offers Industrial Ethernet cables of the newest generation. After considerable design efforts and several test series, the cable manufacturer enlarges its production range with the CAT 7 and CAT 7A Ethernet cables for industrial applications.
The application possibilities range from a simple flexible application to the use in cable tracks and robot applications. The production possibilities cover standard dimensions as well as hybrid cables with integrated CAT 7 element on customer´s request.

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