Connection Cable E-Mobility HV Test Benches

In order to adapt the test items to the test bench technique, SAB Bröckskes developed a cable that does not only fulfil the safety demands of a high voltage environment but also offers the user further advantages.

Due to the highly flexible stranding and the use of silicone as insulating material, the single core can be laid easily. Even with small bending radii the cable has got an optimum feel and adapts perfectly to its environment . The notch resistant silicone compound guarantees a long service life and offers an increased protection against abrasion even with a frequent change of test items and modification of the test equipment. The double screening of the copper braid and aluminium foil offers a 100 % EMC-compatibility. Disturbances of the sensitive measuring equipment due to electromagnetic radiation is avoided. 

Also the worldwide operation of vehicles with the most different climatic conditions is respected by the choice of cable materials so that an application within a temperature range of -40°C up to + 180 °C is possible. 

The cable meets all common voltage ranges of E-mobility. Even higher voltage ratings are already considered. The B 110 C is available up to 1,8/3,0 kV AC respectively 2,7/5,4 kV DC. Herewith, the SAB design engineers respond to a security of investment of the user. The combination of heat resistant materials and sections up to 240 mm² allow also tests with high current ratings. 

Datasheet B 110 C


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