SAB Kabel

RG 316 FEP

FEP insulated coaxial cable with TPE sheath in reference to RG 316 (50 Ω )


RG 316 FEP is a FEP-insulated Koax cable with TPE jacket. Moreover, it has an excellent temperature resistance and flexibility at low temperatures. Moreover, it has excellent electrical insulating characteristics with low, nearly frequency-independent dielectric characteristics. It is applied in Telecommunication e.g. cell phone and industrial communication. 

Outstanding features

  • excellent temperature resistance and flexibilityat low temperatures
  • excellent electrical insulating characteristics with low, nearly frequency-independent dielectric characteristics
  • EAC approval

Cable construction


tinned copper strands, fine wires (7 wires)



Colour code



tinned copper braiding

Sheath material


Sheath colour

black (RAL 9005)

Technical data

Frequency range

max. 3 GHz

Peak operating voltage

900 V

Testing voltage

2000 V

Min. bending radius

7,5 x d

Intrinsic impedance

50 Ω +/- 5 Ω

Spreading velocity

approx. 69 %


max. 105 pF/m

Conductor resistance

max. 142,9 Ω/km

Attenuation at 20°C

50 MHz approx. 19 dB/100 m

100 MHz approx. 27 dB/100 m

400 MHz approx. 57 dB/100 m

900 MHz approx. 90 dB/100 m

1000 MHzapprox. 95 dB/100 m

1800 MHz approx. 140 dB/100 m

3000 MHz approx. 165 dB/100 m


50 MHz up to 400 MHz > 26 dB

400 MHz up to 1800 MHz > 23 dB

1800 MHz up to 3000 MHz > 15 dB

Temperature range

fixed laying: -50/+90°C

flexible application: -40/+90°C

Absence of harmful substances

acc. to RoHS directive of the European Union


item no.nominal cross sectionnominal single wire-øouter-øcopper figurecable weight ca.
3600017226/7 AWG0,16 mm2,55 ± 0,05 mm8,9 kg/km12 kg/km