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Angle screwed thermocouple

Angle screwed thermocouple

Angle screwed thermocouple


The angle screwed thermocouple T235 is appropriate for the temperature collection at injection and diecasting moulds as well as at plastics processing machines. It is especially useful, whenever a straight cable lead, for example, due to space reasons is not possible or wanted. The steel wire armouring of the connection cable is used as mechanical protection. Fixing is made by a screwed thread.

Additional information

  • Also available in type K, T or L and classes 1 or 2.
  • The on the left mentioned technical data are standard data.
  • Individual parameters, e. g. nominal length, connection cable, double thermocouple or cable end can be added or modified on request.
  • Other screwed threads as well as immersion length on request.

Cable construction


class 2

■ 1 x type J     ■ 1 x type K

■ other thermocouples - acc. to customer’s request

Measuring point

■ form A, insulated

■ form B, grounded


■ 1.4305

Immersion length

specify in mm


■ Ø 6,0 mm

Bottom shape

■ soldering cone


■ M8 x 1 VA     ■ dimension __________


■ with kink protection

■ with fiberglass sleeve

Connection cable

■ extension cable strand/fiber glass/fiber glass/stainless steel wire armouring +400°C

■ extension cable strand/PFA/fiber glass/stainless steel wire armouring +250°C

■ other connection cables - acc. to customer’s request

see also survey of connecting cables for thermocouples

Cable length

specify in m

Connection ends

■ miniature thermoplug

■ standard plug

■ miniature socket

■ clips

■ bare ends

■ Lemo plug type - acc. to customer’s request

■ Lemo socket type - acc. to customer’s request

■ other cable ends - acc. to customer’s request