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Plug-in thermocouple

Plug-in thermocouple

Plug-in thermocouple


The plug-in thermocouple T247 is designed for the temperature collection at plastics processing machines. Fixing is done by a bayonet joint. Moreover, the bayonet is freely adjustable on spring. The steel wire armouring of the connection cable is used as mechanical protection.

Additional information

  • Also available in type K, T or L and classes 1 or 2.
  • The on the left mentioned technical data are standard data.
  • Individual parameters, e. g. connection cable, insulated type, spring length, bayonet or cable end can be added or modified on request.
  • Due to the integrated ceramic as thermal insulation, an excellent response time is guaranteed.



class 2, form B

■ 1 x type J     ■ 1 x type K

■ other thermocouples - acc. to customer’s request

Ring type

■ Ø 14 / 4,5 mm CuSn 6

■ other versions - acc. to customer’s request

Nominal length

specify in mm


■ with kink protection (shrinkable sleeve)

■ with fiberglass sleeve (shrinkable sleeve)

Connection cable

■ extension cable strand/fiber glass/fiber glass/stainless steel wire armouring +400°C

■ extension cable strand/PFA/fiber glass/stainless steel wire armouring +250°C

■ other connection cables - acc. to customer’s request

see also survey of connecting cables for thermocouples

Cable length

specify in m

Connection ends

■ miniature thermoplug

■ standard plug

■ miniature socket

■ clips

■ bare ends

■ Lemo plug type - acc. to customer’s request

■ Lemo socket type - acc. to customer’s request

■ other cable ends - acc. to customer’s request

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