SAB Kabel


SABIX® insulated strands with overall copper screen and Silicone (Besilen®) outer sheath

Marking for SC 600 C HDTR 01240410: SAB BRÖCKSKES · D-VIERSEN · SC 600 C HDTR UL AWM Style 4535 150°C 60OV CSA AWM I/II A 150°C 600V FT1 FT2 CE

Marking for SC 600 C HDTR 01240410: SAB BRÖCKSKES · D-VIERSEN · SC 600 C HDTR UL AWM Style 4535 150°C 60OV CSA AWM I/II A 150°C 600V FT1 FT2 CE


The heat resistant wire is used in packaging and textile machine construction, refrigeration, heat and air conditioning, plastics processing, smelteries, steelworks, and hot-rolling mills, cement, glass, and ceramic industries, and plastic processing machine construction.

Outstanding features

  • screened, good EMV characteristics
  • halogen-free
  • flexible at low temperatures
  • heat resistant
  • UL recognized, CSA approved
  • EAC approval

Cable construction


tinned copper strands acc. to IEC 60228, VDE 0295, class 5



Colour code

coloured acc. to HD 308 (VDE 0293-308),

from 6 cores black cores

with consecutive numbers

acc. to EN 50334 + VDE 0293-334,

from 3 cores a green-yellow earth wire


in layers

Inner sheath

Besilen® EM9 acc. to EN 50363-2-1 + VDE 0207-363-2-1


tinned copper braiding

Sheath material

Besilen® better than EM9 acc. to DIN EN 50363-2-1

Sheath colour

black (similar RAL 9011)

Technical data

Nominal voltage

Uo/U: 300/500 V


UL + CSA: 600 V

Testing voltage

core/core 2000 V

core/screen 2000 V

Min. bending radius

fixed laying: 5 x d

flexible application: 10 x d

Radiation resistance

2 x 10^7 cJ/kg

Temperature range

UL/CSA: up to +150 °C Style 4535



fixed laying: -40/+180 °C / +200 °C (2000 h)

flexible application: -25/+180°C

short-time use: +250°C


acc. to IEC 60754-1 + VDE 0482-754-1

Fire performance

flame retardant and self-extinguishing acc. to IEC 60332-1-2 + VDE 0482-332-1-2,


Corrosiveness of conflagration gases

IEC 60754-2 + VDE 0482-754-2 - no development of corrosive conflagration gases

Absence of harmful substances

acc. to RoHS directive of the European Union


item no.largest single wire-øouter-ø ± 5%copper figurecable weight ca.
012402072 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm8,2 mm37 kg/km93 kg/km
012403073 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm8,5 mm44,4 kg/km101 kg/km
012404074 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm9 mm55 kg/km123 kg/km
012405075 x 0,75 mm²0,21 mm9,7 mm62,9 kg/km139 kg/km
012402102 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm8,4 mm42 kg/km101 kg/km
012403103 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm8,7 mm54,7 kg/km120 kg/km
012404104 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm9,3 mm64,8 kg/km136 kg/km
012405105 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm10,1 mm93,8 kg/km167 kg/km
012407107 x 1,00 mm²0,21 mm11 mm114,3 kg/km202 kg/km
012402152 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm9,4 mm55,3 kg/km129 kg/km
012403153 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm10 mm88,8 kg/km164 kg/km
012404154 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm10,8 mm104,4 kg/km192 kg/km
012405155 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm11,6 mm125,5 kg/km235 kg/km
012407157 x 1,50 mm²0,26 mm12,8 mm161 kg/km277 kg/km
012402252 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm11,2 mm99,8 kg/km210 kg/km
012403253 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm11,7 mm124,5 kg/km233 kg/km
012404254 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm12,9 mm156,3 kg/km282 kg/km
012405255 x 2,50 mm²0,26 mm14,3 mm187 kg/km336 kg/km
012403403 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm13,8 mm177,1 kg/km329 kg/km
012404404 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm14,8 mm221,5 kg/km384 kg/km
012405405 x 4,00 mm²0,31 mm16,7 mm292,3 kg/km481 kg/km
012403603 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm15,1 mm241,2 kg/km396 kg/km
012404604 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm16,8 mm330,9 kg/km524 kg/km
012405605 x 6,00 mm²0,31 mm18,1 mm400,8 kg/km581 kg/km