SAB Kabel

TR 600 C HD

Type WTTC: Ford approved Heavy Duty Tray Cable, with overall copper screen

Marking for TR 600 C HD: See cable construction

Marking for TR 600 C HD: See cable construction


The screened heavy duty tray cable TR 600 C HD Type WTTC is a control and instrumentation cable with overall copper screen. In hazardous (classified) areas it is class 1, Division 2 per NEC Article 501.4 (B), UL Type TC is in accordance with UL standard 1277 and NEC Article 336.

Outstanding features

  • Heavy Duty Tray Cable and Control and Instrumentation Cable
  • UL-AWM recognition for +105°C
  • Extreme oil resistant
  • WTTC approval
  • WTTC: UL Subject 2277
  • TC: UL Standard 1277
  • (UL)/(cUL) listed
  • CSA listed
  • NFPA 79 2012
  • c(UL) CIC-TC FT4
  • EAC approval

Additional information

Possible on request!

  • with grey or black outer sheath
  • as well as blue or red cores

Cable construction


bare copper strands acc. to DIN VDE 0295 class 5 + IEC 60228 class 5 + HD 383 class 5 from 18 AWG - 12 AWG, from 10 AWG - 2 AWG class k in acc. to ASTM B 172


special formulated PVC/Nylon

Colour code

black cores with consecutive white numbers* and green-yellow earth wire

*alpha-numeric alternate and inverted, i.e. 1-ONE


in layers

Inner sheath

PVC, color black


tinned copper braiding

Sheath material


Sheath colour

orange (RAL 2003)

also available in grey or black


SAB NORTH AMERICA TR 600 HD 16 AWG (1.5 mm²)/4c P/N 32301604 TC-ER 90C DRY 75C WET 600V OIL RES I/II SUN RES DIR BUR 14 OR WTTC 1000V OR AWM 21270 105C 600V OR c (UL) CIC-TC PVC/N 600V FT4 CSA AWM I/II A/B 90C 600V FT4 RoHS CE

Technical data


UL-AWM/(UL)/c(UL): 600 V

(UL) WTTC: 1000 V

Testing voltage U

4000 V

Min. bending radius

fixed laying: 5 x d

flexible application: 10 x d


UL-AWM: up to +105°C

(UL)/c(UL): -40/+90 °C

Cold Bend Test


Fire performance

(UL) FT4 + c(UL) FT1, FT2, FT4

Oil resistance I & II


Exposed Runs


Absence of harmful substances

acc. to RoHS directive of the European Union


item no.AWGouter-ø ± 5%cable weight ca.
3240180318/3c AWG9,7 mm147 kg/km
3240180418/4c AWG9,7 mm131 kg/km
3240180518/5c AWG10,9 mm187 kg/km
3240180718/7c AWG11,6 mm233 kg/km
3240181218/12c AWG15,1 mm372 kg/km
3240181818/18c AWG17,6 mm524 kg/km
3240182518/25c AWG19,7 mm742 kg/km
3240160316/3c AWG10,2 mm166 kg/km
3240160416/4c AWG10,4 mm159 kg/km
3240160516/5c AWG11,6 mm229 kg/km
3240160716/7c AWG12,3 mm271 kg/km
3240161216/12c AWG16,1 mm488 kg/km
3240161816/18c AWG18,9 mm632 kg/km
3240162516/25c AWG22,2 mm846 kg/km
3240140314/3c AWG11,3 mm205 kg/km
3240140414/4c AWG12,1 mm221 kg/km
3240140714/7c AWG14,7 mm382 kg/km
3240120412/4c AWG13,2 mm323 kg/km
3240120512/5c AWG15 mm404 kg/km
3240100410/4c AWG17,6 mm544 kg/km
324008048/4c AWG22,7 mm868 kg/km
324006046/4c AWG25,7 mm1180 kg/km
324004044/4c AWG30,3 mm1722 kg/km
324002042/4c AWG34,5 mm2339 kg/km
324001041/4c AWG39 mm4189 kg/km